Perfect Prop

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William Kaupas

The only place to have your prop rebuilt or repaired. They did a beautiful job welding a prop that I hit a log with.

Very next week, I put a new to me pontoon in, only to discover it has broken free from the hub. They gave me a great deal on a rebulit prop they already had on the wall, and fixed the old one in a week.

If you live on the lake and use the boats daily, a week of town time can be annoying. These are the only people to see when you need prop work.

Square Review 7/30/16, 10:19 am

Great place to do business with. Hit it done when they said they would. Great quality.

Square Review 7/26/16, 9:10 pm

Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, & without talking "over you". They clearly know what their doing & are able to break it into "Props For Dummies" without making you feel like a dummie! Great Service, Great Products, Great Experience, & we now have someone to recommend our friends to, & a company that we will turn to FIRST for any future needs! (The Miniscule Negative: Building looks a little rough & sign is hard to see) BUT this is a perfect example of You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover, So don't let a "Cosmetic Negative" ruin the peace of mind that you'll be thankful for when GREAT Service is what you'll be provided with! Thank you Perfect Prop!! - The Johnsons, Mesick

Square Review 8/5/16, 9:01 pm

Thanks again, the '57 Johnson runs again! Glenn 😀 

Square Review 9/22/16, 5:27 pm

Great to know of this bus. Typically take prop to marina and they send here and up charge

Square Review 8/30/16, 8:04 pm

Prop was like new when i got it back. Tom